Elina Duni in between Worlds: Jazz & Albanian Folk Songs

If you are a Jazz fan, you might consider looking at the astonishing collection “Matane Malit” of the jazz singer Elina Duni. I have to admit that I was quite impressed by her artistic way of transforming Balkan folk into a transfixing jazz improvisation. Her quartet plays these mournful melodies with deep respect to core traditional subjects such as; love, hardship, honor, lust, and death. Though you might not understand the Albanian lyrics, you certainly will be moved by her terrific interpretation and nuanced songs. She also has a wide repertoire in other Balkan languages. Find more @


Credit: Photographer © Blerta Kambo

Paragliding in South Albania

Last weekend my friend Darina had this incredible paragliding experience in Southern coastal Albania. After the crew of Aeroclub Albania took off in Vlora city and drove up to the National Park of Llogara, they left the ground at an altitude of 950 metres to fly over the wonderful Albanian coastline. The breathtaking view from above even just standing by the side of the road is simply divine. Imagine to float up in the air, make spirals and land at the beautiful beach of Dhermi or Palasa. I’m so tempted to try this! In 2010 I took the death ride from the top sphere of the Atomium in Brussels. A breathtaking descent of more than 100 meters which lasted only few seconds. Now, imagine floating up in the air at a tenfold altitude in Llogara. Simply mind-blowing!!!