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At Painter’s Heaven in Ubud

Without even knowing that I was about to visit the only official art school in Ubud, I find myself in front of Semar Kuning Art gallery. A visit to the Balinese art collection sounded thrilling, so here I was at the exact same place where Julia Roberts stayed while shooting the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. I was excited although I couldn’t meet Ketut (the famous fortune teller that is real and not just a fiction production on “Eat, Pray, Love”), I got to enjoy the authenticity and pleasantness of this place. A cooperative of 100 painters, some working in this temple-looking gallery and others just bringing their work here for sale.

At the entrance hall, the painters were busy working on their masterpieces. That did not impede us on looking closely to their work, a wide collection from traditional to modern and contemporary paintings. These amazingly professional paintings were placed in various exhibitions rooms. As the service was very pleasant, I took my time to go through with an inexplicable desire of buying something to bring back home. Such a tough choice! Finally after one hour hanging out there I made up my mind and got the traditional Balinese girls’ painting. Since no fixed price was set, I could even bargain it, and feel happy to make a small contribution to the painters’ cooperative.

Here’s a photo collection of creative souls who have crossed Bali’s paths  – enjoy the view slideshow!

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