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The Magic of the Black Forest

Whether you’re seeking to escape the work routine for a couple of days or you’re keened on hiking or mountain walking, the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in Baden Württemberg, Southwest Germany, is the location to be. I was in Schwarzwald region last weekend. Funny enough, the trip started with landing to Basel airport in Switzerland, going through the French territory in direction of Freiburg which is the gate to Schwarzwald.

Abstractly enough, in only 40 minutes we went through 3 countries-borders which of course are no visible border-lines. Quite exceptional was handing a train ticket in the unusual overcrowed Deutsche Bahn because of Easter Holidays and the local heros, SC Freiburg, were having their home match against Mönchengladbach, which secured them  the stay in the first League (quite unlike Hamburg, as I’m observing from week to week to my surprise.)

It’s a rare event to be squeezed in German trains – due to this unusual event people’s interaction looked closer. Yeah, people looked definitely more relaxed, friendly and happy in this region of Germany.

Wandering around Schwarzwald was refreshing! It’s a huge rectangular region in the length of 160 km and breadth up to 60 km. Train stopped in Hinterzarten, a very beautiful area with neat farmers’ houses, green valleys and wooded hill-tops, a landscape that is nothing but a sweet reminiscence of “Heidi, Girl of the Alps” animation series. (And yes, I learned the German intro jingle: “Heidi, Heidi,  Deine Welt sind die Berge”.)

Hiking through the woods for about 10 km lead to next highlight, Titisee lake, southeast of the next beautiful spot, Schluchsee lake. And so the journey continued the next day, going to Schauinsland, Feldberg, etc. Therefore if you like hiking, Nordic walking, skiing or just want to be in touch with the nature in search inner-you balance, Scharzwarld might be the next place the be!