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Lana Del Rey: Lolita Lost in the 60’s Hood

Sensational Lana in her ravishing retro style looked like she just stepped off the set of Mad Men into the stage O2 World Hamburg arena.


Lana Del Rey for German “Interview.”
Photo: Courtesy of “Interview” magazine

At first, I wasn’t quite sure in attending her concert in early April during my short stay in Hamburg, as I rather pictured her comfortably sitting in the role of a lounge singer which doesn’t exactly fit into an exciting live concert framing. I certainly would have not thought twice of going to a classical Rolling Stones, Metallica, or even not so classical Pink or Coldplay concert. But given the fact that I was invited and that deep down I enjoyed her Summer Sadness epic song, I find myself power walking for 20 minutes against some 60 thousand disappointed Hamburg fans that had left the stadium after Hamburg – Freiburg football match. It wasn’t easy, but luckily to my advantage the concert started with an hour delay. And when it did I was dazzled by the overwhelming performance of this young artist. She was still quite shy in engaging the audience, but her remarkable 50’s meets 60’s style, baby doll gone Priscilla Presley like bridal, self-styled “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” meets “Lolita lost in the Hood” was unique in its own dramatic tenderness and sensual retro performance.

Of course certain stunning public appearance make someone think further and provoke endless conversations on her genuine authenticity as female artist versus reinventing herself as a perfect manufactured product. Just surfing the web there’s plenty of evidence on her earlier failure as Lizzy Grant (her original name) when her very first album fell unnoticed, untraced, while the later slick Lana Del Rey image with her soaring vocal and natural 60’s look, controversially triggered fame and indisputable success.

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Marketing product or not, the re-inventing of Lana Del Ray who appears to just have left the Mad Men rehearsal dinner in a simply gorgeous look, devine voice and playful apperance is certainly a new phenomena in the music trend, which set the stage for further artistic and tasteful impressions.