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Lessons from Lisbon

My 35th birthday celebration turned out to be quite special in Lisbon-the roller coaster city of seven hills, headdress by the Moorish castle, and refreshed by artistic air throughout. The compelling historic background of this mega-city has a lot to offer in museums, sightseeing, people diversity and landscape. But not only. What I found really striking is this powerful and roughness element floating around in air, in people’s fashion, street graffiti, rumbling trams, melancholic fado songs and live jazzy nights. Here’s a music pre-taste, Portuguese strings & Fado magic.

Being a woman in Portugal, the Desingual like color show of dresses exposed in every shop entrance is almost irresistible. So is the sweet taste of Port wine which is traditional of Portugal also served as dessert, the aromatic Ginja liqueur, the delicious maritime cuisine served in charming restaurants of the old town. All the fascinating artistic blender and taste of Lisbon comes with a modest price tag even, compared to other cities of seven hills like Rome for instance. So here there are some highlights of Lisbon. There is more to come in the next blog entries, gorgeous beaches crowned by royal palaces nearby. Stay tuned.