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Breezy People of Lembongan, Bali

At heart of Bali stay its people. Very friendly, repeatedly wearing a smile, genuinely pleasant, and always curious where you come from. I never came across to such relaxed, casual mannered, breezy folks in my life. I found that pretty striking.

Taking one of this island cruises by a speed boat that lasted 30 mins, we reached the dream beach in Nusa Lembongan island. Less crowded then Bali, a car here and there, crystal blue waters with coral undertone, buttery white sand, all summed by the magic tropical summer that never ends all year. It felt as simple as that – a heaven on earth. A cozy grass-roof hut should do it, at least for three nights…

A walk by the seaside after a stop over at a welcoming Coconut beach bar which soothed our souls with live reggae and fruit explosion juices is the next obvious thing to do. Taking a small turn into the nearby village opens a new door all of the sudden. It’s the entering gate to the local lives of Lembongan. Some little boys selling souvenirs, a man sleeping in the temple, fishermen cleaning their nets, while other farmers are busy drying seaweed as every family owns approximately 3-5 acres of seaweed farming ‘bed’ and earns their living in this non industrial island. The lifestyle of a Hindu which lives in peace and adheres to custom and religious values is the cornerstone of the islanders’ mindset. No wonder why there’s zero crime rate and people are so free spirited in here.

Lets have the photos take the stage and do the talking further. A snapshot on how the life of a villager in Lembongan looks like.  (View Slideshow)

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