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Walking along Estoril -the hotbed of Espionage and James Bond Birthplace

Once in Lisbon, so many options are available in the nearby area. Taking a train for 40 minutes, about 30 km west to Lisbon, the obvious stop is the small and charming village Cascais, (pronounced ‘Kesh-kaysh’), by the way there’s a lot of ‘shshshshsh’ in Portuguese. Exploring the picturesque village, its elegant shops, bars, and colorful cobblestone walkways lasted almost the whole day. I could literally walk for kilometers by the beach in the direction of Estoril and look at the breathtaking beaches which were completely empty in early spring. Local fishermen, kayakers, surfer dudes, happy joggers along sophisticated Mansions on the rocky Estoril coast, seagulls skimming the waves across the Atlantic sandy beaches, set the perfect stage for a long promenade.

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Just there on the seashore was an impressive medieval-like castle, further followed by an English style mansion. Not to mention here the famous Estoril Casino centered in Estoril. It was very interesting to learn its story. The author of James Bond novels, Ian Flemming spend part of the second world war in Estoril, which at that time was the place where spies met, as during world wars Portugal was a safe neutral heaven. Actually “Casino Royale” is a product of the real Casino Estoril as it was created by what Flemming experienced there.
Being a place of a thousand sensations, next time in the area I must make it at the most western cliff of Cabo da Roca. There’s always something left to come back.