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At Eros Garden

Eros-the messenger of love expo, made it to the charming lake of Como, in Italy. That was a nice surprise as the day at fjord town turned into a revisit of artistic impressions from Greek mythology blended in Romanesque monumental villas where Napoleon used to stay in the 17th century. As Como is known for its famous VIP guests throughout centuries, I was looking for the notorious villa of George Clooney, but instead I came across to the wonderful Expo of Eros. Well, not too bad as a trade off though.  A walk through the breathtaking palace along the lake where the expo was hosted, evoked in my memory the beautiful Myth of Eros and Psyche.

The myth of Psyche, the beautiful princess who won her immortality from her unconditional love and sacrifice for Eros, was embodied in expo’s artifacts as a symbol of soul-searching and personal growth through losing and preserving the real love.  The language of passion, devotion, and lust spoke in a artful and ardent way in this exhibition of textile from different artists worldwide. It was a great expo to attend and some of the images there I would love to share with you. Enjoy!