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In What Color Do You Dream?

I thought about colors lately. You might ask how on earth can someone has such funky thoughts unless is a painter, psychologist, or on heavy drugs. Well none of these triggered this sudden interest, but an expo of a Dutch painter I attended recently at Bucerius art forum: The Mondrian Colors. Oh I loved it! Good such paintings are not for sale though…

I love colors, but not specific ones. I love them all. That’s where the gift becomes a curse, immense joy turns into anxiety, desire into frustration, and instead to color picking settle for some conformist easy choices. Let’s take an example. I enter into a shop with latest spring collection and I get blowed away by its colors. I want most of them, I can’t resist. But then I know that’s not the smartest idea to blow on things that after one season will be outdated anyway.

So I wisely choose to resist my temptation and optimize my purchase. Good girl! That’s where the real sufferance starts though. What colors do I choose? I mentally visualize my wardrobe. I’m not sure the color of any of these skirts will match the existing shirts I have. And I need new shoes too, but it gets pricy. If I only get the skirt it will stay pinned into some closet’s corner waiting for the right match. Poof stress. With men it’s a different story. For instance, when it comes to clothes my boyfriend prefers mainly three colors; white, gray and blue. Not to mention here that the only accessory needed is perhaps a scarf or a belt. That way men are really blessed. They don’t quite notice all the colors.


But there is one place where colors’ temptation doesn’t hunt me; in my dreams. That’s the only place where I feel safe to dream in what color I want and I can have them all. But then again I am not 100% sure in what color I dream the most. I am not even sure if I always dream in colors. In fact, researches suggest that about 83% of our dreams are in color

. This leaves us with a terrifying 17% of dreams in black and white. That triggered my curiosity further. I start asking friends in what color they dream, and one mentioned dreaming in black and white with subtitles 😉 A 2008 study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition found “that people who grew up watching black-and-white TV are more likely to dream in black and white, but people who grew up with color TV are more likely to dream in color”

Of course that painters, interior designers, or visual artists might recall better the colors from their dreams. Or people who are keen in understanding their dreams through the meaning of the colors they dream in.

How about you, in what color do you dream?