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Congratulations, President Obama!

It’s history in the making! In the wee small hours of the morning Barack Obama won his second term and stays the 44th President of the USA. What great news to wake up to: Four more years! My Facebook Timeline was totally flooded with hyper news on Obama’s victory. Facebook and Twitter users were excited about the well deserved victory which did not surprise me. While most of us were celebrating, someone else like Mr. ‘McDonald’ Trump was calling for a revolution in US or marches in Washington. Man, that’s so desperate and ironic to call for such Marxist approach to Obama’s win.

I followed all three Presidential Debates without being an American citizen, living in US or planning to move to US. Nor am I working for some US development agency overseas, neither I’m involved in politics. Plus: Living in Albania, it doesn’t matter if the new elected US President is left or right wing. The core direction of US foreign policy toward my country is not affected by the orientation of US political leadership. Both Republicans and Democrats historically have been supportive to the Albanian cause. So someone might wonder where all this interest comes from.

It‘s very emotional to see videos and photos of people cheering worldwide about Obama (click here) – and very understandable after the epic acceptance speech this morning. Certainly people around the globe see Obama’s re-election as the better choice and as an unique opportunity to keep the superpower on the right track. I am sure this image doesn’t apply to Mitt Romney. To his misfortune, he is viewed as less charismatic, less smart, trust-worthless, a greedy rich Wall Streeter, and he’s rather seen as a Bush follower. He failed to convince American voters to give him the benefit of doubt and win this presidential race.

But living in a globalized world, it isn’t possible to be indifferent to such a crucial event. Is it going to affect my life from one day to another? Probably not, since I’m not domestically target of Obama’s policies. But one thing is for sure, the average person out there wants a world leader to trigger hope, inspiration, positivism,  humanism, peace and handle well and sound economic policies to avoid the next Lehman-like meltdown, especially in light of heated Euro-zone crisis.

Today, Barack Obama stand in front of the world as winner and challenger. The very first attack on the newly elected President starts with the so-called “fiscal cliff” which effectively would throw the US economy back into a severe recession in January. It’s gonna be a rocky start for Obama with so many pissed republicans by the side – just look at the market slaughter today. But that’s certainly something familiar to Obama. On the day of his election in 2008 the Dow Jones tanked by 486 points. Four years later, the Dow Jones only sold off by 313 points. Yes, Mr. President, you can do it!