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Spring in Prince’s Paradise

It’s 12 degrees and sunny. Warm enough for a pair of northern Europeans bare foot to walk along sandy beaches and touch the crown that only spring can wear. The minimalistic, low-profiled and weather betrayed folks in northern Germany shake their heads in denial while whispering softly “one more time, it is not over yet as it can snow even in April”.


It actually can, but today it’s nothing but spring. Birdies are tweeting, skies have cleared, and if you follow sun-rays in the wilderness no one can actually take away that crown from you.
So it felt today in Plön, walking along the largest and deepest lake in the state of Schleswig-Holstein emblemed by the Castle of Plön up in the hill. The crystal cold waters of the lake, the preserved nature of the Holstein Switzerland Nature Park crowed by Plön Castle which is the largest one in the northern state of Schleswig Holstein offered a warm welcoming to spring tasting. The sons of the last German Emperor William II used to live in early 1900 here in Prinzeninsel. Also the last German Empress, Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein favorited the southern tip of the island, from which the actual name Prinzeninsel derives from. Here’s a photo collage of Spring in Prince’s paradise.