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Promiscuous Summer Thoughts…

As weather unusually turned less inspiring this Sunday, only 26-13 degrees Celsius, which for July levels is unthinkable in the Balkans, I keep on fancying hot summer memories. A couple of weeks ago I was in Budva, by the Montenegrin coast which often turns into a warm shelter for runaway weekends. I simply love going there, and it works great even for a short weekend especially after a busy week. The drive is 3.5 hours from Tirana and the coastal scenery is breathtaking. And it never gets boring. Even by being there quite often, new things are being discovered, like the mermaid of Budva, the hidden rocky beach closed by, and finally I made it inside Citadella thanks to extended visiting hours.

As fun travels are as funky they can turn out to be. The Albanian-Montenegrin border has a very modest custom building. Passing through two countries police control means literally stopping in front of a shared little room.

The Albanian passport control: Where are you going?

Me: To Budva (isn’t that obvious) and I hand in my passport.

The Albanian passport control: Why?

Me: Holidays.

The Albanian passport control: Where do you work?

Me: Why does that matter!!!

The Albanian passport control: No, but is everything ok? Have you booked a hotel?

Me: Yes (Please don’t ask me whom I’m meeting there, it’s none of your business.)

The Albanian passport control: But really is everything ok with you, should I have to worry?

Me: Look with all these interrogative questions I’m starting to get worried myself. But you have no reason to worry sir, I know how to get there. (though I’m driving across border alone at 6:30 pm all I want is to drive fast and finally relax at the old town with my boyfriend who’s waiting for me there.)

The Montenegrian passport control: Good evening? Where are you heading to?

Me: To Budva and finally I’m handed the passport.

Afterwards, I so hated myself for being poky and hesitating to dig into the officer’s mind, what was he really thinking? Is still that awkward for a female to drive in the nearby country alone for the weekend?

Anyway, the day might be over, but the night didn’t start yet. After meeting my boyfriend and his friend at Astoria it was time for some Friday party unleashment. Our good looking German friend couldn’t wait to have a pre-taste of nightlife in Kotor. The Montenegrin girls looked as always gorgeous in their fancy outfits and tall attires. A couple of warm up cocktails and he’s approaching with confidence the next table where three local girls were sipping on their cocktails. The magic opening line always works. What’s the best club in Kotor? Maximus, they answered unanimously, we’re going there so meet you later.

At Maximus some type of local Bon Jovi had occupied the stage with wild crowds partying hard to some unknown lyrics to us. As flirting went on, it didn’t lead anywhere, not immediately at least. Typical Balkan style, you dress slutish, you have a diva attitude, but at the end you’re just not that promiscuous woman. They may seem to ran wild, appear as indulged in un-selective or casual approach, but in reality it definitely takes more effort for the guy. It was so much fun seeing the pattern repeating over and over again. In that way, when it comes to flirting I find little difference in the region.

Welcome to Balkans!