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When Tea Works…

It’s Sunday, a special one since it’s the Easter Sunday. By the way: Happy Easter!


Usually when Sundays are spent at home they’re a bit of everything; preparation, cleaning, doing laundry, or simply being lazy while the pre-Monday stress gets implanted deeply in ones mind on a late afternoon. But not this Sunday. I joined my dear girlfriends for an unusual brainstorming on some gender related proposal in the exquisite company of tea, cake and turkish coffee. Such a funky mixture at this incredibly charming Tea Room. The wow affect hit us immediately at the very entrance as it looked very British, marked by flawless design-taste, wi-fi friendly, and commendable staff service. The delight of this place could not be uninspiring and fall short of joined creativity and hyper-activeness. Funny enough it was shaped in differences on tasks performed among us, from contend and structure shaping, i-and-non-i-devices demonstration, to the potential layout and design of the proposal. Who would have thought of such interaction on a Sunday afternoon. That’s when tea works…