Autumn: Love it or loathe it

Call me a sentimental or ludicrous, but I adore autumn. Certainly it is connected to the magic of its sensational colors, breathtaking landscapes, falling leaves and summer-fade melancholia.

What I love the most is its smooth transition from the restless, hectic and hot summer days, filled with fear of missing out, summer is too short kinda of thoughts to the comfortable zone of acceptance. Yes, acceptance that the chilling winter is ahead and I’m ok with it. I can’t wait to spend more quality time in the warm sofa, in front of the fireplace and  in company of good red wine.

Don’t you agree? Just think for a moment how odd and peculiar is living in a place without autumn or winter. I still have a vivid memory of Christmas in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian muslim women cheerfully standing in front of a Christmas tree. Their joy of taking pictures with the sweaty Santa at 30+ degrees was striking. I couldn’t stop imagining their faces looking at the first  flakes of snow. I kinda felt bad for them, being alienated from the wonders of other seasons like autumn. It makes me feel thankful. Therefore, I use every possible encounter to enjoy in-depth the beauty of the indian summer.

Like today. Walking around in little streets of Hamburg and capturing the beauty of autumn. For more wonderful images have a look at Hamburg Highlight on Instagram and at the Blog.

How about you? Do you like fall and if yes what’s your favorite hide away place or city in fall?

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