Jazz from 5 Continents: Herbie & Shorter

The Festival of Jazz from 5 Continents holds now in Marseille (17-26 July, 2014). As such every corner of the multi-cultural city breaths the jazz rhythms oft blended with ethnic elements from Africa. The legends of Jazz Herbie Hancock (74) and Wayne Shorter (83) are performing live at the impressive “Jardins du Palais Longchamp”. Hancock an American pianist and composer helped to redefine the role of a jazz rhythms, whose music embraces elements of funk and soul together with the other legend Shorter – generally considered the biggest jazz living compositor ( NYTimes) performed a unique blend of jazz and blues.

This chic event was not to be missed, especially tonight. But what you do when tickets are sold out? You get a little creative. With some extra luck there’s always a guy willing to sell. The warmth of Marseille summer evenings over Palais Longchamp added a magical tone to the concert which was followed in the second half by Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca and the African singer Fatoumata Diawara in a combined Afro-Cuban repertoire.

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