The Drowned Oldie Turns 825

It’s time to celebrate and blow the candles! The oldie turns 825! Moin, Moin! The Hamburg Port or “der Hafen” celebrates its birthday at Landungsbrücke, founded on 7 May 1189 by Kaiser Frederich I.

Who have already visited Hamburg knows the great pride a Hamburger takes about its “Hafen”, as it is Hamburg’s signature and soul. Being in Hamburg, I couldn’t miss the main attraction of the Hafenfest, the Schlepperballett (ships-ballet). Though it was raining heavily during the whole day, the place was so overcrowded that reminded me this mega events like 4th of July in Chicago Pier or New Year in Singapore. What a sensational feeling to circumambulate the harbour that is almost as old as Hamburg itself, and yet a major player in the trading of goods old economy.
Here are some photos I took today and some interesting facts about the oldie, Hamburger Hafen:
…about 10.000 ships per year, 9.3 million container got traded in 2013,156.000 people are working in the Hafen…