The Spirit of Albanian Protesters

Pictures worth 1000 words. Albanians protesting in front of their Prime Minister’s office waiting for the PM to say No to dismantling Syrian chemical weapons in Albania. The tension increased rapidly in the last hours, as the countdown for disclosing the decision of the government started. Plus PM Rama is known for his long speeches. Nevertheless the protest went peacefully, and ended literally in fireworks as government said NO to Syrian arsenal.

Never felt more proud than today, looking at youngsters, parents with their kids, and elderly gathered for the first time for an unanimous cause that went beyond any electoral party event. We love our country free from hazardous substances and today we said NO.

You Guys protesting rocked! Deep appreciation also go to the social media managers, the backstage people we don’t see, but who supported non-stop the protesters and the larger audience. Having said that now I can relax. Waiter, one cup of tea with no Sarin please…


2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Albanian Protesters”

  1. Armela is this the new joke in Tirana’s cafes? Coffee with no Sarin? Lol funny. Well done to everyone, including you for your letter to Obama, it raised things up by a considerable notch. Love you my Albanian friends 🙂

    1. After the protest today, I was so exhausted that when I sat to have a cup of tea in a bar in Tirana, it pop-ed up this post drama idea…tea with no sarin please lol I guess good ideas come when we’re in WTF mode 😉

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