Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I am a deeply concerned citizen of Albania, who like millions of Albanians is shocked by the news that deadly toxic chemical arsenal of Assad’s regime is landing to Albanian shores. For a small country of 28,000 km2, over-populated, with poor infrastructure, with countless problems in every sector of the economy, health, education, environment, agriculture, tourism, struggling for over two decades to fight corruption and organized crime plagued in every cell of our society, the decision of demolition chemical weapons in Albania is TOXIC. The lethal impact that this potential decision will have in the lives of Albanians and the generations to come is unquestionable.

I am addressing to you this letter for a couple of reasons. Our historic ties to US date back to 1919, when US President Woodrow Wilson intervened to block the Paris Peace Conference agreement, which divided Albania among former Yugoslavia, Italy, and Greece. US support followed until these days with President Clinton’s decision to halt the Serbian genocide in Kosovo, for which we as Albanians are deeply grateful.  But as dark days have captured the skyline of the Albanian people, our eyes are turned to you as a world leader in a desperate attempt to change the tragic fate of our nation. From a nightmarish dream we woke up few days ago to the horrible news that our government has volunteered to host the Assad’s arsenal of +1,000 MT of highly dangerous chemical weapons and materials, infringing our constitutional rights, without any transparency, public consent, REFERENDUM, or even any hearings from the interest groups. Our government is selling this issue of hosting Assad’s weapons as a request of NATO to our country as a member of NATO alliance, while there is no evidence that neither NATO itself is involved in the process of disarming Syria nor that NATO officially has submitted a request to Albania to host it. Plus in 1993 the U.S. supported Germany and Europe by shipping out of our continent the very dangerous German chemical weapons stockpile. How can one in good conscience suggest to bring now, in 2013, in the heart of Europe, Assad’s stockpile?

But what should ring the ALARM bells to the international community is the wrong evaluation of capacities of our country for handling an operation of this magnitude.

How can the poorest country in Europe deal with a potential accident of this nature? How can a country like ours deal with waste management of Sarin and Mustard gas if DID NOT yet manage the waste from its own symbolic destruction of chemical materials inherited from communism? The lives of those innocent people and children killed in Gerdec (army depot explosion) by the incompetence of public authorities do not signal any concern? What about the image of Albania worldwide pinned as the toxic ground of Europe? What about potential poisoned water resources, land, shores?  Who will pay the consequences of this irrational act? – The Albanian people!!! And the future generations to come will be condemned without being guilty for a crime that they did not commit.

In this dark moment of desperation, but also proud of being a citizen of a peaceful nation that embraces democratic values, seeking to join EU, we ask you President Obama to stop this move.

To end this heartfelt letter, I am going to quote our famous patriot and former Minister and Extraordinary Envoy of Albania to the U.S Faik Konitza. “If Albania will die, it will die because of its politicians” 

147 thoughts on “Open Letter to President Obama”

  1. Armet kimike le te shkatrrohen aty ku jan ata i blen per nevoja te veta le tu sherbejn nevojave te tyre ,por nese vertet nuk dijn ca te bejn me to le te kthehen aty ku jan prodhue ata e dijn ma se miri si i kan ba

  2. Ku Jane Shqiptaret??? Ku jane ata qe nga gjaku i tyre ka pas gjak Mbreteresha Teute, Glaukia, Genti, Pirro i Epirit fis me nenen e Aleksandrit te Madh, Konstandini i Pare ai qe mbajti koncilin e nikeas 300 vjet pasi vdiq krishti dhe ligjeroi ne bizant fene kristiane, sternipi i ketij te fundit, Gjergj Arianiti, Gjergj Kastrioti, Ali Pashe Tepelena, Kolokotroni e Marko Bocari qe cliruan Greqine nga turku me nje reaksion qe e nisi Aliu i Madh. E te tjera figura qe kane ndryshuar nder shekuj rrjedhen e historise boterore, nderkohe qe qellimi i tyre ka qene gjithmone per shtypjen e tiranise, arrogances dhe per mbizoterimin e paqes, nuk e di se perse kur lexoj historiane qe shkruajne per figurat tona, te jashtem apo te brendshem me ngjallet nje ndjenje pozitiviteti, e pra ku jane keta shqiptare, ne nuk kemi qene vendi i maskarenjve i xhambazeve e seksereve, i ordinereve e hajduteve, ne kemi qene vendi i princerve e princeshave, mbreterve epike e legjendave mistike, ne shqiptaret qe strehuam dezertoret italiane ne luften e dyte boterore edhe pse ata na kishin pushtuar, ne qe strehuam me mijera cifute dhe u mesuam shqipen e u veshem kostume popullore qe ti fshihnim nga marrezia e asaj kohe, ne qe kemi gjuhen me te bukur ne bote, prej se ciles jane formuar pothuaj te gjitha gjuhet e europes apo kane huazuar prej nesh, si psh anglisht dhe gjuhet latine, ne qe i hapim dyert e shpise mikut dhe ndajme therrimen me ta, ne qe na kane vjedh gjithe kohes historine e mitologjine dhe nuk beme kurre ze, ne qe gjithe kohes na kane pushtuar ne kane vrare e na kane prere e na kane ndare si mos me keq kosove shqiperi e cameri… nuk u ngopen valle??? Ja moren te gjitha ketij vendi dhe si per ironi po i sjellin jashteqitjet e nje lufte qe seshte e jona. Po tonat a i merr njeri? Kemi zhgenjyer historine tone te lavdishme qe e njeh gjithe bota por qe e nenqeshin te gjithe sepse u duket kotesi po ta pretendoj nje popull si ne nderkohe qe historianet, arkeologet e arkivat e tyre po i nxjerrin ne drite. Jemi te lodhur nga keta njerez qe jane me te zinj se pushtuesit nder shekuj

  3. Po Nje leter politikaneve tuaj te ditur dhe te kamur nga injoranca kur do tua shkruani? Mblidhuni dhe demostroni para qeverritareve tuaj te korruptuar dhe Jo para ambasades Amerikane. E keqja po ju vjen nga Brenda, hapni syte dhe mjaft ngelet kafeneve duke treguar barcaleta. Shkruani historine e vendit tuaj dhe mos ja lini te tjereve te vendosin per jeten tuaj dhe te gjeneratave qe do vijne.

  4. Bravo Armela,,ishalla ,fjalet e tua nuk do bien ne vesh te shurdhet,MbaseI degjon Obama,Zoti dhe gjithe bota,shpresoj se gjithe politikanet dhe populli shqiptar te ngrehin zerin Sot sense Neser do jete shume vone.le t,ju sherbeje letra juaj gjithe shqipetareve si nje kontribut e solidarizim per ndalimin e armeve kimike.bashkohem me ju.Lina

  5. Let’s hope it gets to the Presidents hands. They usually don’t. It is a very good point and a very nice written letter though. GOD BLESS ALBANIA and all Albanians.

  6. Gezohem kur shoh se ne kete problem te madh jemi me te bashkuar se kurre! Shqiperia eshte me te vertete me fat qe mbrohet me ane te forces se argumentit te te rinjve intelektuale. Askush nuk mund te mbylle syte para dashurise per jeten e atdheun! Ne cdo cep te Shqiperise kumbon zeri i protestes!

  7. It is easy to see the letter is heartfelt but the arguments do not stand out to me.
    We Albanians feel a duty to take on a small thing and run with it, be it with or without substance! With the request yet to be made and with a referendum promised to help decide it is still early days to voice our concerns.

    Please do not take my point of view as favourable to America, I strongly believe all toxic waste should be kept out of our shores and accepting it would take our nation through a darker tunnel for many more decades to come.

    To conclude if the ammunition is brought to our shores all efforts for democracy and prosperity of the past decades would be wasted and we will end up worse than twenty years ago.
    If the request is put through and rejected it will show the strength of our government and that we can be a nation to stand on our own feet. Either way, no-one should be responsible for the decision but every Albanian man and woman!

  8. Bravo Armela madje edhe un jem dakort jo jo Armeve kimike ne shqiperi sot kam qen ne protest gjith diten dhe i mbeshtes akoma keto protesta shqiperia duhet te thot JO JO JO

  9. Thank you for a well written letter. I know these are heartfelt words of a concerned citizen and patriot.
    I am spreading the word around as much as I can and your letter certainly helps.
    It is not right to sacrifice our people and our country to save Syria and its people. We cleaned our mess (one of the only 3 countries in the world that have done so) Syria MUST do the same.
    USA and Russia have yet to destroy their own chemical weapons, we destroyed ours. Maybe that explains what scientists in Europe are wondering about the alarming rate of increased cases of cancer among children in Albania.
    Let’s stop this foretold death of our country!

  10. Te lumte Armela je nje vajze kurajoze dhe atdhetare per te rinj te tille ka nevoje Shqiperia jone e dashur dhe ju e bete te armet siriane nuk do te cmontohen ne Shqiperi.Falemnderit 100 here !!!

  11. Armela, you completely blew this out of proportions. And, please bear in mind, Albania’s politicians are Albania’s sons. Every nation deserves the government they have. We the people, are not one bit better then our politicians.

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