When Tea Works…

It’s Sunday, a special one since it’s the Easter Sunday. By the way: Happy Easter!


Usually when Sundays are spent at home they’re a bit of everything; preparation, cleaning, doing laundry, or simply being lazy while the pre-Monday stress gets implanted deeply in ones mind on a late afternoon. But not this Sunday. I joined my dear girlfriends for an unusual brainstorming on some gender related proposal in the exquisite company of tea, cake and turkish coffee. Such a funky mixture at this incredibly charming Tea Room. The wow affect hit us immediately at the very entrance as it looked very British, marked by flawless design-taste, wi-fi friendly, and commendable staff service. The delight of this place could not be uninspiring and fall short of joined creativity and hyper-activeness. Funny enough it was shaped in differences on tasks performed among us, from contend and structure shaping, i-and-non-i-devices demonstration, to the potential layout and design of the proposal. Who would have thought of such interaction on a Sunday afternoon. That’s when tea works…



The Shepherd’s Call to Journalist Ethics

Last week unveiled the awful sexual abuse case of an eleven years old child and a potential murder case that has shaken public opinion throughout the country.

Pics Courtesy to Google Images
Pics Courtesy to Google Images

As expected most media channels have covered intensively this tragedy. But some have gone way too far with their coverage details, questioning the applied ethics within media standards and its principles. So was the case of shqiptarja.com, an online newspaper that issued an over-contested article by giving details of sexual abuse of the child. A public thunderstorm on Facebook attacked the editorial leadership of the newspaper. Analysts gathered in TV talk shows to discuss this unethical media coverage of the case and asked explanations from the editor in chief Mrs Anila Basha of shqiptarja.com. Unfortunately, the response was quite disappointing. I don’t actually know which is worse, making a stupid mistake like publishing this article or this ironic “apology” of yours which seriously offends the public.

What happened to public inquiry on the dreadful article published by this newspaper? What’s the response of the editorial leadership on the public call? Was there an apology made in the talk show?

For you Miss Editor in Chief “the public” is your Shepherd, “the public awareness” is your pledge, your marriage vows till death do you apart. BTW, yes Krasta we heard, she wants to get married, badly so. We’ll get her a ring, just give us another chance.
So Miss, as you walk on the dark valley of a child abuse, pressurized by “your public awareness pledge” you once did to your Shepherd, you go deep into the wound of the crying little boy and scratched it hard, as if it wasn’t enough the horror he has gone through. Nothing seems to stop you, as you continue to display in bold dreadful letters, the naked sufferance of the little boy.

Just there, the pornographic details of a child abuse scene, after being leaked from state authorities, are being dismantled virtually in front of thousands of public-shepherd eyes at your newspaper. And when you were asked why, you answered to us fellow Shepherds with such great determination ” As a journalist it’s my pledge to aware the public on cases such as pedophilia”. Really? As a Shepherd I can tell you to spare me those ugly abuse details. I am aware and I need no horrifying narrative to understand the graveness of this crime. I certainly don’t need you to embrace and treat this case in line with a pink-celeb gossip coverage.
I see, you Miss fear no God, no Evil, no Law, and obviously ethics mean nothing to you. But could you put yourself in the shoes of a parent who’s child is sexually abused and try to walk 10 meters with the branded name of your child forever in Google? Could you go back to being eleven years old and go to school with the horrendous pain, others pity, stigma, and carry with you this abuse tag forever? It’s harsh heeeh!!!

Well, I hope you’ll realize the irreparable damage you did to this boy and to his parents. I hope you’ll have the decency to publicly apologize to the victims and to your Shepherds. I hope you’ll reflect on the viral public outrage you caused and not just downgrade it to a Facebook-ish reaction. And I really hope not to see similar scary unethical coverage in the future, if I ever go again to click on your page.

Were these clicks or sold paper worth it? I don’t think so. Remember that public leverage is the leverage of clicks, sponsorship, lost reputation, and definitely will last more then 3 days. Amen.

Summer Day and Pagan Holiday (Dita e Verës)

I’m off work today since it’s March 14th, meaning the official Summer Day in Albania. I always wondered why we put such a strong emphasis on the initial start of the summer/spring since we definitely don’t miss the super hot summer days for at least 6 months. But being a pagan holiday it symbolizes revival of nature, flourishing of plants, and rejuvenation of spirits awaken from the cold winter days. It’s the first day of the year according to the BC Grigorian calendar. Therefore, the national celebration of the Summer Day always occupied the streets with crowds of people walking along the boulevard, street performances and summer festivals, happy kids on playgrounds, special sweets named “ballokume”, etc.

Sunny Summer Day in Tirana 2012


The unwritten rule or belief throughout years has been that it doesn’t rain on the Summer Day. Actually as long as I can recall I didn’t rain, well until today. I don’t know what disappointed me the most, the constant rain crashing the celebrations in Tirana, or the fall of the “does-not-rain-alwayes-sunshine” myth. Nevertheless, I still went out in the city today, got a couple of ballokume, few snapshots of the rainy empty streets and children playgrounds, and got home happily soaking wet. Happy Summer Day to everyone! It’s still there, just hiding in the next corner…

Faded Summer Day in Tirana 2013



Same old traditional sweets : Ballokume Elbasani