My Man of Letters

Did you ever experience that feeling of time freezing upon you?

I certainly did.

It happened a couple of times for several reasons; fear from altitude, breathtaking sceneries, or dreadful nightmares. Now that I think of, it is somehow related to open space, peaceful skies, endless sea line in either dreams or reality. This summer through cruising around in beautiful Antibes I came across to this kind of beauty that stroke me immediately like a bolt of lightning. It left me feeble and immobile. As crazy as it sounds, the open air floating splendor of the Man of Letters named Le Nomade looking out over the Mediterranean creates a sudden vacuum once you glance at it. This perfect blender of art and nature is quite overwhelming. What you make of such magnificence, a gigantic figurehead entirely made of letters. Le Nomade, being a creation of a Catalan artist Jaume Plensa who lives and works in between Barcelona and Paris is a permanent invitation to seize this incredible combination of light, sound, and language. Though the mirage of the bright white Man of Letters against the deep blue sea surface can’t stand alone without the walls of Saint Jaume bastion. Such a magnificent mixture of ancient roman times with contemporary art makes a special space for every visitor.

Once you’re there, you’ll stumble across the magic of this art piece, which is immensely in line with the work of Picasso engraved everywhere along Antibes pathways. To make the story short, if you’re in Cote d’Azzur don’t miss the Man of Letters.

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