How hard is to stop complaining!

Dust off the brain is probably the best outcome of a vacation break. It is unbelievable how much our brains get flooded with futile information. As if it’s not bad enough that our virtual world is feeding us daily with unlimited negative news, exhausting marketing offers, spam e-mails, we have to endure random vain conversations and complains. And I’m not even mentioning the hustles of communing to work, traffic lines or noise that wear us out daily. There’s always someone requesting something from you like a favor, time or attention. So, increasingly it becomes more difficult to spend quality time with your loved ones or simply by yourself. In this context, I really think Facebook “saved me” by submissively keeping strings to not so closed friends and acquaintances. A picture here, a status update there, is a much efficient way of keeping in touch with people and yet enjoy some spare time for yourself.

The other day I was reading an interesting article of Minda Zetlin “Listening to complainers is bad for your brain which scientifically explains  that exposure to 30 minutes of negativity – including here downbeat TV bits and pieces – actually strips away neurons in the problem solving part of our brain. In other words, it makes us Dumb & Dumber even by being passive listeners.  I wondered why for a long time I stopped watching news on TV or listening to them in Radio while driving. It is unbelievable what content seems to make it to the news press nowadays. More horrible the story, bigger coverage it gets. Reading or listening to pleasant news is almost inexistent. Even a technological discovery which is likely to affect the lives of a billion people worldwide seems to be considered as luxurious news. It barely fits into a paper or hopefully it takes the last closing minute on TV news after being bombed with negative information. So under these circumstances I proposed a simple solution to myself: to scan for news online, read what interests to me most and in the meanwhile eat a piece of dark chocolate. Its serotonin will boost my mood and definitely trigger my humour better. 

Being a selective person is not so socially acceptable especially in some extravert cultures where individualism is not quite seen as a value.  The public catharsis of collective complaints are perceived as a better way for addressing individuals’ problems. Confessing to a priest or going to a psychologist is not common in our culture. Overloading the person next to you with your life despair seems rather to be the solution. Someone has to put a shield to save its sanity under these circumstances.  The best safeguard apart from distancing yourself is to learn digesting minor aggravation, clean up the dust though some extra hard work and instead of complaining about everything and to everyone, please find some time to do something about it. 

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